Angels In The Attic Estate Sales
Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Angels In The Attic Estate Sales' Heavenly Service

"The Rolls Royce of Estate Sales"
1* We Are Licensed with the State Of Arizona. Bonded and Fully Insured and MEMBERS OF THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.
2* Being qualified appraisers we know the difference between market value versus fair market estate value prices. Our honest, knowledgeable sales staff will prepare your estate professionally, so you will receive top $$$$$. We stage all the sales to make everything look fabulous. We do full or partial estate liquidations as well as total buy outs.
3*We are unique in the fact as an estate sale company we are set up to accept Visa, Master Card, and Debit cards. This is a VERY IMPORTANT TOOL to maximize your sales profit. $$$$$
4* Unlike other Competitors who choose to shut down their sales as early as noon, we operate from 8 A.M. until 2 P.M. . (Sometimes later) This increases sales potential. Anything less would not be sufficient for our customers. We normally have 500 to 700 customers daily at one given sale because of our notoriety and popularity our sales are always extremely successful.
5* We do not sell on E-Bay, or have a retail shop. We feel this would be a conflict of interest.
6* We E-Mail over 3,500 regular customers and advertise on the Internet (Az Family, at channel 3, Craig list, Estate Sales.Net, Yahoo. com. and Arizona Garage, Oodle, Geebo, Arizona Republic and Scottsdale East Valley and West Valley papers.
7* We are proud to have been chosen to be featured on two different segments of Channel 15's Smart Shopper. (ABC), AZTV , Goodmorning shows, NBC channel 12 Flagstaff, Las Vegas ABC, Sedona Red Rock Review, and talk radio shows.
8* Are you moving or have a loved one who needs to sell their estate or beloved treasures? When hiring us you can afford to relax in the knowledge that your estate will be liquidated in a professional, efficient manner.
9* Because of our sales expertise, we manage to sell 90-95 % of the entire contents of the house, Anything left will be donated to the charity of your choice.
10* We are exceedingly confident that you will be delighted by our HEAVENLY SERVICES, and the outcome of your financial results.
We are hired by you so we will be courteous and thoughtful to your needs and possessions. We have a very long list of extremely happy customers. With out company there is no cash upfront for any expenses. You will receive full payment of the sale within 6 working days. In hiring a company make sure you always sign a contract. Ours is very easy to understand. FOR APPOINTMENTS 602-943-6922 / NEXT SALE HOTLINE 602-861-0162 / CELL 602-920-2747